Customer Clarity to capture and keep more business.

Helping leaders and their teams understand their customers so well that they know what to do, say, and offer for consistent growth.

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Without a deep understanding of your ideal customers, growth is a struggle.

Relying on customer guesswork and assumptions, doing what you’ve always done, or copying the competition are unreliable ways to lead and grow a business. 


A lack of customer understanding often lies at the heart of management indecision, internal disagreements, and team friction. And the impact can be felt across the entire business, creating stress that limits productivity and performance.


There’s a better way forward. And it begins with customer clarity.

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The solution for customer guesswork and stress:

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Everything you need to know about your ideal customers to drive your growth.

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Who YOUR ideal customers are

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Their pain points, challenges, and frustrations

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What they want, need, and believe

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Their interests, attitudes, and values

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The desired outcome they are seeking

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Their purchase motivations and triggers

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How and where to communicate with them

To support smarter marketing, confident decisions, and consistent progress.

Ready to get closer to your ideal customers?

Start here.

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Schedule a Discovery Call

During a 30-minute call, we assess where you are and the challenges you are facing. 

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Achieve Customer Clarity

Transform guesswork and stress into clarity and confidence. All in just 45 days.  

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Enjoy Growth and Progress

Confidently move forward supported by a deep understanding of your ideal customers.

"Veda Intell helped us put our customer data to work, showing us who our most valuable customers are and how to influence their buying frequency. Our marketing is now more targeted and productive!"
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Melissa Austria

Founder & Curator, GOTSTYLE

Customer Clarity Guidebook
Frequently asked questions

We already capture customer feedback and reviews. Why do we need this?

Feedback and reviews are valuable, but they can't provide the level of customer detail that the Customer Clarity Guidebook is designed to deliver. 

We currently do an annual customer survey. How is this different?

Most customer surveys have broad objectives and do not output a detailed ideal customer profile. The Customer Clarity Guidebook is designed specifically for this purpose and goes much deeper in that regard than a general survey.

Our internal data tells us a lot about our customers. What can this add?

Internal data is valuable but only tells part of the customer story. The Customer Clarity Guidebook is based on quantitative and qualitative data and insights - to paint a full picture of your ideal customer.

I'm already overwhelmed by data and reports. Is this another dust collector?

The Customer Clarity Guidebook is not your typical research report. It’s designed to be concise and consumable, and its data and insights are highly actionable across your company (not just marketing).

I'm concerned about bothering our customers. How does the process work?

The Customer Clarity Guidebook process involves both a customer survey and customer interviews. Selected customers are made aware of the study and its goals, and have the choice to opt in or not. Most customers are happy to participate.

There are many things in business we can’t control. One critical thing we can control is how well we understand our customers. Our mission is to help companies establish a foundation of customer intelligence to support smarter marketing, decisions, and growth. Let’s replace the guesswork and stress with customer clarity and confidence. 

All the best,

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Tom Herman, Founder

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DIY Guide!

Customer Clarity Quick Start Guide:

15 critical questions to ask your customers NOW.

Learn who to talk to, what to ask, and tips to make the process quick, painless, and productive.

Stop guessing and start getting closer to your customers - today.

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