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You're competing
for business within a dynamic marketplace.


We deliver the intelligence and strategies you need to win.

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Capture and keep more of the right customers

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Outmaneuver your rivals and grow market share

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Boost productivity, profits,  and team unity

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A deep understanding of your customers, competitors, and marketplace isn't optional – it's the fuel that drives strategic growth.

As a successful leader, you know that growth doesn't come from guesswork or merely following in others' footsteps. The real challenge lies in identifying unseen barriers to your company's potential. The key? Market Intelligence.


This isn't about fixing what's broken but elevating what works to new heights. It’s about transforming good management into visionary leadership, team effort into team synergy, and success into market dominance.


Discover how embracing deep market intelligence can redefine your business's future, driving decisions that propel you far beyond the competition.

Market intelligence gaps and blind spots cost you money.

Recognize the warning signs:

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Struggles in attracting customers

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Losing ground to competitors

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High customer churn

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Ineffective marketing

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Unmet revenue targets

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Internal conflicts over strategy

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Stressed-out company culture

These challenges don't just indicate problems – they spotlight opportunities for growth.

We help you:

Grow Revenues
by helping sales, marketing, and CX teams deeply understand, target, attract, and retain profitable customers.

Seize Opportunities
by elevating your marketplace awareness while reducing risk by identifying competitive threats and exposures.

Outposition Competitors 
by defining and leveraging your unique strengths to build a more powerful brand presence that clearly stands out.

Innovate and Continuously Improve 
by leveraging insights from customer feedback, competitive intelligence, and market trends.

Company Value 
by applying market intelligence to drive profits and improve customer success and loyalty.

"Veda Intell helped us put our customer data to work, showing us who our most valuable customers are and how to influence their buying frequency. Our marketing is now more targeted and productive!"
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Melissa Austria

Founder & Curator, GOTSTYLE


How we improve
Performance, Profits, & Growth.

Customer Insights

Customer insights are your roadmap in the competitive wilderness of business. They guide innovation, shape experiences, and ultimately drive revenues. Use them wisely and unlock the door to sustainable growth and a dominant market presence. Ignore them, and you risk wasting time and money and missing opportunities.

We use Customer Insights to inform every engagement, as each client has a unique customer base with specific needs and preferences. By understanding these nuances, we are able to tailor custom strategies that deliver outstanding results. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you turn customer understanding into your competitive advantage.

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Ready to explore how market intelligence can power up your business's bottom line?

Start with The 360   Market Intelligence Audit.


The customized assessment and strategic playbook to:

Capture more ideal, profitable customers

Develop your competitive advantage

Drive productivity, performance, and profits

Discover the massive potential that intelligence can unlock within your business. Get started today.

There are many things in business we can’t control. One critical thing we can control is how well we understand our customers, competitors, and marketplace. Our mission is to help companies establish a foundation of market intelligence to support smarter marketing, decisions, and growth. Let’s make market intelligence your secret weapon

To your success,

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Tom Herman, Founder

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