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We are Commercial Due Diligence Specialists with a Sole Focus on the Middle Market M&A Industry.

Providing insights, intelligence, and guidance to optimize your investment decisions and disposition strategies.

Our Key Differentiators

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Expertise & Experience

We combine expert research skills and approaches with decades of battle-tested, high-stakes business experience, providing deep insights and creative strategies for strong results.

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Strategic & Proactive

The insights, analysis, and guidance we provide help you maintain a strong, proactive stance, leading to more confident investment decisions and effective disposition strategies.

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Focused & Fast

Our exclusive focus on commercial due diligence for the M&A industry ensures specialized expertise. Our agility allows us to reliably deliver precise and effective results within tight timeframes.

Strategic Intelligence to Support Superior Outcomes

Buy-Side or Sell-Side, our comprehensive commercial due diligence provides critical insights into a company's customer base, marketplace, and competitive position. 

We identify strengths, weaknesses, potential risks, and untapped opportunities, empowering M&A Advisors and PE Investors to make informed decisions, add significant value, and navigate transactions with confidence.

Our Research Tools and Methodologies

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Data Analysis

Customer Interviews - orange highlight.png

Customer Interviews

Surveys - orange highlight.png

Customer Surveys

Human Intelligence - orange highlight.png

Human Intelligence

Competitive Analysis - orange hightlight.png

Competitive Analysis

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AI Resources

A Word From Our Founder

Throughout my extensive market research career, I have embraced the transformative power of market intelligence to fuel investment decisions, optimize execution, and navigate complex M&A transactions. Early in my career, I faced a crisis involving store closures and financial losses at a publicly traded company. Our team's strategy, blending qualitative and quantitative analysis, set the stage for significant growth and ultimately led to an acquisition by a Fortune 100 competitor.

This pivotal experience honed my analytical prowess and attention to detail, principles that have guided my career. Since then, I have:

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Tom Herman

Supported and facilitated investment and strategic decisions totaling multiple billions of dollars.

Conducted thorough commercial due diligence to support transaction advisors and private equity investors on deals of all sizes.

Worked with a broad spectrum of public companies, investors, and lenders

Co-invested with prominent private equity firms on large asset acquisitions worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Founded, scaled, and successfully exited multiple companies, including a nationally operating service firm with over 100 employees and eight-figure annual revenues.

Veda Intell's mission is to deliver the same comprehensive market intelligence and value creation support to which I’ve dedicated my career. It’s all about making intelligent decisions, securing sound investments, capitalizing on opportunities, and optimizing transaction success. Please reach out to discuss how we can support your continued success.

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