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Customer Research

Quantitative, qualitative, and data analytics research to help you deeply understand who your customers are - and what makes them tick.

Do you know your customers as well as you think you do?

Or as well as you should?

Many companies don't. And this knowledge gap costs them time and money and keeps them from reaching their true potential.


You may have heard the quote: "whoever gets closest to the customer - wins." We believe this to our core. And to get really close means gaining and maintaining customer clarity.

Customer Clarity begins with three key questions:

WHO block.png
WHAT block.png
WHY block.png

Answering these questions reveals:

frustration thicker.png

Your customer's biggest challenges and frustrations (so you can solve them)

outcome thicker.png

The desired outcome your customer is seeking (so you can deliver it)

purchase thicker.png

Purchase triggers and motivations (so you can drive sales)

communicate thicker.png

How and where to communicate with them (so you can engage them)

why thicker.png

Why they choose YOU over other options (so you can stay ahead of the pack)

feelings thicker.png

Your ideal customers' feelings about your brand (so you can maintain loyalty)

beliefs2 thicker.png

Key customer interests, beliefs, and values (so you can connect with them)

rating thicker.png

What your customers wish you did better (so you can adapt and improve)

How we help you achieve Customer Clarity:

Yellow Dot.png

80/20 Customer Growth Strategy

Yellow Dot.png

Ideal Customer Profiling

Yellow Dot.png

Customer Transaction Analytics

Yellow Dot.png

Customer Purchase Behavior Segmentation

Yellow Dot.png

Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Tracking

Yellow Dot.png

Voice of Customer (VOC)

Yellow Dot.png

Jobs-To-Be-Done Research

Yellow Dot.png

Buyer Journey Mapping

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Our Featured Solution:

2022-03-20 CCG logo with blue lettering and orange.png

Everything you need to know about your ideal customers to drive your growth.

Blue circle yellow check.png

Who YOUR ideal customers are

Blue circle yellow check.png

Their pain points, challenges, and frustrations

Blue circle yellow check.png

What they want, need, and believe

Blue circle yellow check.png

Their interests, attitudes, and values

Blue circle yellow check.png

The desired outcome they are seeking

Blue circle yellow check.png

Their purchase motivations and triggers

Blue circle yellow check.png

How and where to communicate with them

To support smarter marketing, confident decisions, and sustainable growth.

Ready to discuss how we can turn real customer understanding into your strategic advantage?

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