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Details and Pricing
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The essential customer intelligence resource to drive your organization.

Delivering the data and insights to:


Focus on your most impactful customers - for stability and growth.


Target and attract profitable customers while saving time and money.

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Improve customer loyalty and customer lifetime value.


Create effective campaigns based on customer wants, needs, and values.


Connect with your customers in their language to influence behaviors.


Unify your team for increased productivity and performance.

The Customer Clarity Guidebook Process

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Starting with YOUR data, we identify your ideal customers (ICs) by purchase behavior.

We survey your ICs to capture key traits, habits, preferences and insights.

We interview your ICs, exploring their wants, needs, pains, triggers, and motivations.

We distill the data and insights into a concise profile of your ICs in an easy-to-use guidebook.

   45 Day Delivery   

The Deliverables

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The Customer Clarity Guidebook. The concise, consumable, and highly actionable customer intelligence brief. No fluff, only need-to-know data, insights, and recommendations for smarter marketing, confident decisions, and consistent growth. 

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Customer interview summaries, audio, and full transcripts.

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Customer profile survey summary report.

The Investment

plus customer participation incentives of approx. $1,200

Our Guarantee
We are confident in our ability to expand your customer knowledge greatly. However, after 90 days, if you feel that your ability to understand, reach, and attract your ideal customers hasn’t improved, we will return your investment or continue to work with you at no cost until you are satisfied.

Customer Clarity Guidebook
Frequently asked questions

How do we know the insight and information provided is relevant?

The Customer Clarity Guidebook process focuses on your most impactful customers and is designed to capture everything you need to know to better reach them, communicate with them, serve them, and find more of them. No fluff or filler. 

Is the scope of The Customer Clarity Guidebook expandable?

The Customer Clarity Guidebook is a fixed-scope product. If you have additional needs, we would be happy to discuss a more personalized approach with you.

What is expected of our team throughout the process?

Your team's involvement is limited to Step 1 - identifying your high-impact customers. This typically involves several hours of your marketing or IT staff's time. We handle everything else.

What return on investment (ROI) can we expect?

This depends on your company’s use of the insights and intelligence that we provide.  We are confident that with proper application, a first-year ROI should easily exceed 100%.

Are customers compensated for their participation?

Yes. Interview participants are offered $100 each for their approximately 1-hour session. Survey participants will be entered into a raffle for a $500 gift card upon completion of their survey. 

Is The Customer Clarity Guidebook a one-time purchase?

It can be, but your market and customers change over time. For that reason, we recommend annual, or at a minimum, bi-annual updates.

More questions?

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