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The Essential

Customer Intelligence Brief

Everything you need to know about your ideal customers to guide your growth. Delivered in just 45 days.

Customer Confusion can limit your company's potential.


You're unsure who your ideal customers are, what to say to them, and how to find more of them.


You're unclear why your customers choose you, what motivates them to buy, and how to influence their purchase behaviors.


Your marketing efforts aren't consistently producing increased sales or enough new customers. 


You've realized that too many decisions and strategies are based on guesswork rather than actual customer insights and data.


You want your team to be more unified and productive, but differing opinions on strategy and tactics are getting in the way.

There's a better way forward.

Introducing the

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Delivering the data and insights to:


Focus on your most impactful customers - for stability and growth.


Target and attract profitable customers while saving time and money.

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Improve customer loyalty and customer lifetime value.


Create effective campaigns based on customer wants, needs, and values.


Connect with your customers in their language to influence behaviors.


Unify your team for increased productivity and performance.

Uncovering and Explaining

Customer Data.png

Purchasing Behaviors

Customer Characteristics.png

Demographics & Psychographics

Customer Insights.png

Insights & Motivations

The Customer Clarity Guidebook Process

Identify Step.png

Starting with YOUR data, we identify your high-value customers (HVCs) by purchase behavior.

Discover Step.png

We interview your HVCs, to discover their wants, needs, pains, motivations, and emotional triggers.

Reveal Step.png

We survey your HVCs to reveal a broad range of key traits, preferences, habits,  and insights.

Distill Step.png

We distill the data and insights into a concise and easy-to-use ideal customer profile and intelligence brief.

   45 Day Delivery   

The Deliverables

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The Customer Clarity Guidebook. The concise, consumable, and highly actionable ideal customer profile and intelligence brief. No fluff, only need-to-know data, insights, and recommendations for smarter marketing, confident decisions, and consistent growth. 

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Customer base audit report. A detailed analysis and segmentation of your customer base by purchasing behavior.  

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Customer interview report. Detailed customer interview summaries, audio files, and full transcripts for your review.

Customer profile survey report. A detailed analysis and highly visual presentation of the customer profile survey.  

Your Investment
starting at $15,000

Our Guarantee
We are confident in our ability to expand your customer knowledge greatly. However, after 90 days, if you feel that your ability to understand and connect with your ideal customers hasn’t improved, we will return your investment or continue to work with you at no cost until you are satisfied.

"Veda Intell's work is game-changing! Learning how to improve our relationship with our best customers has had a great impact on our business growth."
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Kristen Jeffery

Founder, SCULLHOUSE Rowing

The Customer Clarity Guidebook reveals:

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Your customer's biggest challenges and frustrations (so you can solve them)

outcome thicker.png

The desired outcome your customer is seeking (so you can deliver it)

purchase thicker.png

Purchase triggers and motivations (so you can drive sales)

communicate thicker.png

How and where to communicate with them (so you can engage them)

why thicker.png

Why they choose YOU over other options (so you can stay ahead of the pack)

feelings thicker.png

Your ideal customers' feelings about your brand (so you can maintain loyalty)

rating thicker.png

What your customers wish you did better (so you can adapt and improve)

beliefs2 thicker.png

Key customer interests, beliefs, and values (so you can connect with them)

Who is the Customer Clarity Guidebook for?

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Growth Focused.
You know your company is capable of more, and you’re looking for ways to boost results. Perhaps the one thing your team needs is a deeper understanding of your ideal customers.

Tired of Guessing.png

Tired of Guessing. 
Too many decisions and strategies seem to be driven by guesswork. The constant uncertainty, internal arguments, and stress are taking their toll on everyone. It’s time for answers.

Blue contin impr_edited.png

Ready for Change. 
Maybe you’ve always done things a certain way. And lately, you’re not getting the results you’ve come to expect. Rather than listen to more ‘experts’ - it’s time to listen to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We already capture customer feedback and reviews. Why do we need this?

Feedback and reviews are valuable, but they can't provide the level of customer detail that the Customer Clarity Guidebook is designed to deliver. 

We currently do an annual customer survey. How is this different?

Most customer surveys have broad objectives and do not output a detailed ideal customer profile. The Customer Clarity Guidebook is designed specifically for this purpose and goes much deeper in that regard than a general survey.

Our internal data tells us a lot about our customers. What can this add?

Internal data is valuable but only tells part of the customer story. The Customer Clarity Guidebook is based on quantitative and qualitative data and insights - to paint a full picture of your ideal customer.

I'm already overwhelmed by data and reports. Is this another dust collector?

The Customer Clarity Guidebook is not your typical research report. It’s designed to be concise and consumable, and its data and insights are highly actionable across your company (not just marketing).

I'm concerned about bothering our customers. How does the process work?

The Customer Clarity Guidebook process involves both a customer survey and customer interviews. Selected customers are made aware of the study and its goals, and have the choice to opt in or not. Most customers are happy to participate.
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I talk to business owners and leaders daily, and very few have a detailed customer intelligence brief and ideal customer profile to guide their decisions and strategies. This lack of foundational customer knowledge sits at the heart of many of their organizational struggles and frustrations. I created the Customer Clarity Guidebook to close this knowledge gap, boost performance, and relieve some of the stress. I invite you to learn more.

To your success,

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Tom Herman, Founder

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Ready to Transform Your Company with Customer Clarity?

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