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10 Things You MUST KNOW About Your Ideal Customers

10 must-knows about your ideal customers:

1️⃣ Socio-demographic and firmographic traits

(So you can target them)

2️⃣ Interests, beliefs, and values

(So you can connect with them)

3️⃣ Major challenges and frustrations

(So you can solve them)

4️⃣ Their desired outcome

(So you can deliver it)

5️⃣ Purchase triggers and motivations

(So you can influence them)

6️⃣ How and where to communicate with them

(So you can engage them)

7️⃣ Why they choose YOU over other options

(So you can stay ahead of the pack)

8️⃣ Their feelings about your brand and product

(So you can maintain loyalty)

9️⃣ What they wish you did better or different

(So you can adapt and improve)

🔟 What they think of your competitors

(So you can stand out)

Don't guess. Do the work to know.


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