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3 Foolproof Strategies To Grow Your Customer Base

Customers cycle in and out of a business.

The goal is to have more customers entering than exiting.

Here are 3 strategies that can help:

➡️ Gain clarity around your ideal customers.

Learn who they are, what they want/need/believe, and what triggers them to take action. Do this by analyzing, surveying, and interviewing your existing high-value customers. This will help you better serve and retain your existing customers.

➡️ Attract “best-fit” new customers.

Use your ideal customer insights (above) as a guide to target and attract similar best-fit new customers. Improving the fit of new customers results in revenue growth and reduced churn.

➡️ Understand why customers leave.

Using your CRM, identify and contact a group of lost customers. Offer them an incentive to take part in a research interview. Ask them questions to understand why they left your company (DM me for a list of questions).

Determine if their leaving was due to:

- YOU (an opportunity to improve),

- THEM (understand how their needs changed), or

- a COMPETITOR (identify a ‘better’ product/offer/timing).

Each scenario provides insights to improve customer acquisition and retention, and reduce churn.

In summary:

1️⃣ Understand your ideal customers,

2️⃣ Work to attract new customers similar to them, and

3️⃣ Correct as many of the reasons customers leave as possible.

The result will be a larger and more profitable customer base.


Achieve customer clarity for smarter marketing, decisions, and growth. Reach out and we'll get you moving in the right direction.


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