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7 Customer-Related Mistakes That Limit An Organization's Potential

In working with many hundreds of businesses - from small locals to household name national operators, we’ve identified seven customer-related mistakes that hold organizations back.

  1. Lack of customer clarity. Not identifying and understanding your ideal customers creates issues that impact marketing, advertising, sales, product development, customer service, operations, etc.

  2. Ignoring your data. Nearly every company collects customer data - unfortunately, many neglect to analyze it and fail to understand what’s happening in the business.

  3. Quantity over quality. Many companies market to everyone rather than a data-driven, intentionally targeted customer. The “any customer is a good customer” approach is inefficient and costly.

  4. Taking customers for granted. Not working to retain your best customers is a common and costly mistake. Your best customers are responsible for the bulk of your revenue and profits - you can’t afford to lose them.

  5. Thinking you know. Trusting your past experiences, assumptions, and “gut feel” rather than conducting customer research. Finding out you’re mistaken can be very costly.

  6. Guessing over listening. Making important decisions and pursuing strategies with no customer feedback or intelligence. This adds significant risk to your business activities.

  7. Failing to refine and innovate. To keep your best customers and attract new ones, you must continually improve, adapt, and develop your products, services, and processes.

The consequences of making these mistakes include under-performance, stagnation, and stress throughout an organization. If your company needs help with any of these issues, feel free to contact us to set up a call or meeting.


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