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A Better Way to Design, Build, and Market Your Product

Think up a product that solves a problem YOU have.

Spend a lot of time and money to create it.

Spend more to build the infrastructure to support it.

Spend even more to market it.

Then figure out why it’s not selling.

❓Why isn’t your target audience flocking to it?

❓What needs to be tweaked to make it sell?

❓Are we reaching the right market? Is there a market?

Hopefully, you figure it out.

A better way?

Identify a problem. All the better if it’s a problem you have struggled with.

Identify the ideal customer for a solution to this problem.

Talk to them and work to understand them deeply.

Verify that the problem you’ve identified is:

✅ A problem they share,

✅ A problem they desire a solution for, and

✅ Is a problem they will spend money to solve.

Now that you’ve done your research,

Design, build, and market your product,

Guided by input and insights from your ideal customers.


Ready for customer research but don’t know where to start? Reach out, I can guide you in the right direction.


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