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Are You In The Right Ballpark?

Know what’s really hard?

Selling a solution to a customer who isn’t convinced they have a problem.

How can you avoid this?

Understand the customer you seek to serve.

Ensure that the problem you are solving is not just YOUR problem,

But is a problem SHARED by the customers you seek to serve.

And most importantly - it’s a problem they will PAY to solve.

Lindsay Tabas, on the Product Launch podcast hosted by Sean Boyce, made a great point:

“Because we experience a problem and we figure out how to solve it for ourselves…

…doesn’t mean that there’s enough people to make this a business.”

Avoid the mistake of going full speed ahead on an untested idea,

Only to find out later (and after $$$ spent) that you’ve badly missed product-market fit.

Do your customer research on the front end of the product development process,

And you’ll be starting off in the right ballpark. 🎯


Could a lack of customer understanding be holding you back?

Replace guesswork with customer clarity. Reach out for help getting started.


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