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Grow Your Business By Talking To Your Newest Customers

Check in with your new customers

To gain valuable insights to grow your company.

Here’s how:

Access your CRM, Point of Sale, or email system.

Identify customers that have made their first purchase with your company within the past month or two.

Choose a dozen or more customers and send a personalized email to each asking them to share their thoughts over the phone or on zoom.

Use Calendly to allow customers to pick a time to talk.

Offer an incentive if necessary. A free product or a gift card works well.

There are tons of great questions to ask, but here are 5 good ones:

➡️ Thinking back, do you remember how you found out about our product/service?

➡️ When you decided to buy our product/service, was there a specific problem you were trying to solve or job you were trying to get done?

➡️ What were you using before purchasing our product/service, and why did you decide to give us a try?

➡️ If you had to narrow it down, what was the #1 reason you decided to buy our product/service?

➡️ Now that you’re using our product/service, how does it compare to your initial expectations?

Use follow-up questions to go deeper:

- “Interesting. Can you tell me more about that?”

- “What led to that decision? Can you walk me through your thought process?

- “And why do you [NEED/WANT/CARE ABOUT] that?

- “Why did you decide to do it that way?”

- “What else was going on that made that the right choice?”

You now have fresh insights into:

✅ How customers find you,

✅ The problem they desire to solve

✅ The previous solution they had been using,

✅ Why they choose you over other options, and

✅ Whether you’ve met or exceeded their expectations.

Now, use what you've learned to sharpen your sales, marketing, and customer experience. 🎯


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