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If You Don't Have A Target, What Are You Shooting At?

I had a conversation with a CEO recently.

When I asked who their ideal customer was,

He hedged by saying that everyone needs their product.

Driving this response was the fear that by targeting one ideal customer,

They would be missing out on other good customers.

This is a common excuse for overly broad (ineffective) marketing.

But here’s the reality:

By targeting your ideal customer, not only will you attract many more of THEM,

You’ll also capture many ‘good’ customers sitting in the rings closest to your bull’s eye.

So by narrowing your marketing efforts to attract your ideal customer,

The overall quality of your customer base significantly improves.

And with more best and better-fit customers (and fewer poor-fits),

You’ll enjoy greater loyalty, profitability, and positive word of mouth.

Sounds good, right?

So, back to the original question:

Who is your ideal customer?

Time to dial it in.

Questions? Reach out, we're here to help.


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