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In A Crowded Marketplace, Fitting In Is Failing

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. Not standing out is the same as being invisible. #SethGodin

So how does your company stand out?

What is your competitive advantage?

Why do your customers choose YOU over other options?

Even if you think you know, double check with this exercise:

➡️ Reach out to a group of your best customers and ask if they would be open to a brief conversation to help with a research question.

➡️ Ask the following questions to reveal why they choose your product/service. Record the conversations (with permission) or have a dedicated note-taker.

Q: What is it about our product, service, or company that keeps you coming back?

Q: What do we do better than other products or brands you’ve tried?

Q: If you had 1 minute to convince a friend to switch to our product or service, what would you say?

Pro Tips: Try to keep the tone and pace casual (think convo between friends vs. interrogation). Listen carefully and ask follow-up questions to encourage a deeper explanation. Try: That’s interesting, please tell me more, or You sound excited about that; why is that so important to you?

➡️ Review the results and create a list of common responses and themes.

You now have an accurate list of WHY your customers choose you over your competition.

Now, use what you've learned to sharpen your sales and marketing - so you can stand out in the marketplace. 🎯


Is a lack of customer understanding holding your company back? If so, reach out - we can help you with that.


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