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New To Customer Research? Start With These 3 Questions

For companies new to customer research,

Here are 3 critical questions to focus on:

1️⃣ Why do your customers buy?

- What are they trying to get done or solve using your product/service?

- What triggers or motivates them to make a purchase?

2️⃣ Why do they choose you over your competitors?

- What specifically does your company do better than your competitors?

3️⃣ Why do your customers leave you?

- Was it something you did (or didn’t do)?

- Did their needs change?

- Did they find something newer/better/cheaper/cooler?

- Were they a poor fit from the start?

Your ability to answer these questions directly impacts how well you manage and grow your company.

And the only way to obtain this knowledge is by talking to your customers.

Recognize too that the market and competitive environment is constantly changing.

How your customers answer today will likely be different in the future. So be sure to check in with your customers at least annually.


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