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The SECRET To Outperforming Your Competitors

Customer research, applied, creates a competitive advantage.

Companies that deeply understand their customers

Outperform those that do not. No surprise there.

Yet, many companies fail to conduct research.


I find the obstacles generally fall into two categories:

Category 1️⃣

Know they should but fail to prioritize

Overwhelmed or lack resources

Not sure where to start

Reluctant due to previous experiences

Afraid of what they may hear

Concerned about bothering customers

Category 2️⃣

Insist they already know their customers

Feel their company is doing ‘well enough’

Lack interest in what the customer has to say

Product-focused (vs. customer-focused)

Don’t recognize the value of customer insights

Overcoming Category One obstacles is achievable with the proper plan and support.

And working with leaders and teams from Category One is productive and rewarding.

Category Two obstacles are challenging to overcome, requiring a significant shift in leadership mindset.

As such, I limit my time talking with those in Category Two.

After all, you can’t help those who don’t want help.

Questions? Reach out, we're here to help.


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