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Overcoming The Resistance To Change Starts With Understanding Your Customers.

"We have some hold-outs...It's been challenging."

Breathing new life into an established company is hard.

Even when that’s what you were hired to do.

Our discussion was largely a self-diagnosis.

For the most part, this leader is aware of the areas that need attention.

Things like:

➡️ Establishing internal alignment around their ideal customer

➡️ Understanding their customers’ challenges and desired outcomes

➡️ Identifying prospective customer obstacles and objections

➡️ Replacing product messaging with customer benefits and outcomes

➡️ Creating content to maintain engagement during the customer journey

➡️ Updating/creating marketing materials and websites

➡️ Developing a marketing strategy that generates results

But above all, their biggest challenge is overcoming resistance to change.

For a decade, they’ve been doing and saying the same things.

Lately, the results don’t look like they used to.

Their market has and continues to change.

And there’s an unspoken fear that they’re being left behind.

I see this often.

Companies can be aware of their shortcomings - and the risk of inaction.

While also aware of the upside available to them if change is achieved.

Yet they struggle to come together to make progress.

We talked about an approach to gain customer clarity and overcome their current marketing and brand strategy shortcomings.

It was well received.

Now it’s up to the leadership team to get on the same page.


We help leaders and their teams gain customer clarity to capture and keep more business.

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