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The ONE Assumption You Definitely SHOULD Make!

I try to avoid assumptions.

Especially when they can be replaced by facts.

But here's an assumption I recommend:

👉 Assume that your competitors are doing EVERYTHING you know YOU should be doing.

Things like:

✅ Identifying their best customers and working to keep them engaged, satisfied, and loyal.

✅ Establishing internal alignment around their ideal customer to boost team unity, productivity, and performance.

✅ Understanding their customers' most significant challenges and frustrations to build an emotional attachment between their customer and their brand.

✅ Recognizing prospective customer obstacles and objections to better address and overcome them.

✅ Clarifying their customers' desired outcome to communicate how they are the best option to deliver it.

✅ Replacing ignored product messaging with customer-driven language that generates action.

✅ Creating helpful and relevant content to maintain engagement during the customer journey.

✅ Developing productive marketing strategies built around their customers' media habits and preferences.

✅ Revising internal processes and procedures to continually improve the customer experience.

Motivate yourself to action

By assuming your peers are doing the critical work.

If they are, you'll get left behind if you don't take action.

If they're not - you'll be in a position to dominate your market.

Your move.

Questions? Reach out if you need some help.


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