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The Real Reason You Need To Conduct Competitive Analysis

Don’t get distracted by your competitors.

But don’t ignore them either.

Study your competitors. Not to mirror them,

But to differentiate from them.

Do the work to understand your competitors:

➡️ Market positioning

➡️ Marketing strategy

➡️ Content and messaging

➡️ Growth posture

➡️ Products, features, and pricing

➡️ Reviews and customer feedback

➡️ Strengths and weaknesses

Use these insights to refine your business strategies based on your unique value proposition and brand’s points of distinction.

Understanding your competitors will help you STAND OUT.

Give your ideal customers a clear and compelling reason to choose YOU.

And avoid the sea of sameness.

What tactics or strategies are you using to differentiate your brand from the competition?


Have a customer research question? Need help analyzing your competitors? Reach out, I can help.


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