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The Surefire Way To A More Valuable Customer Base

Improve the quality and value of your customer base

By capturing more best-fit, ideal customers

And keeping those you already have.

Here’s a simple strategy to get there:

➡️ Identify your current best-fit, high-value customers (HVCs). Use your CRM, utilization, and transaction data for this simple analysis.

➡️ Learn from your HVCs (interview, survey, analytics). Understand their needs and behaviors to ensure your marketing resonates with them and potential new customers like them.

➡️ Proactively work to retain your HVCs. Continually adapt, improve, and enhance their experience with your company. And don’t give them a reason to leave.

To summarize:

Identify your HVCs

Learn from them

Keep them

Find more of them, and

Grow with them


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