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There's Always MORE To Your Customer's Story

There’s always more to your customer’s story.

It’s easy to see HOW a customer acts.

But to understand (and influence) their behaviors,

You have to uncover your customer’s WHY.

It’s tempting to take surface-level observations,

And fill in the gaps with guesswork and theories.

But this often produces ‘logical,’ feel-good conclusions,

That are completely wrong.

And moving forward based on false assumptions helps no one.

Uncover the story behind your customer’s behaviors by talking to them.

Reach out to your top customers. Talk to them and learn from them.

✅ What are their top challenges and frustrations?

✅ What are they looking to achieve?

✅ What does an ideal outcome look like for them?

✅ Why do they see your product/service as their best option?

✅ What other solutions did they try before finding yours?

✅ What worked and didn’t work with previous solutions?

✅ What would make their experience with your brand better?

Deeply understanding the WHY behind your customer’s behaviors allows you to better connect with them - and serve them.

Don’t guess when you can know.

Get started talking to your customers. Reach out if you need some tips to get going.


We help leaders and their teams achieve customer clarity for smarter marketing, decisions, and growth. Reach out to learn more.


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