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"We Were Heads-Down, Trying To Get Our Product To Market"

The founder said this almost apologetically.

Recounting a recent meeting with investors,

He was asked to describe the brand’s ideal customer.

And explain why customers choose his product over the competition.

He had no real answers - and didn’t try to fake it.

He admitted they’d been 100% focused on the product - and not on the customer.

Product development, manufacturing, marketing, and fulfillment took every bit of their attention and energy.

Fortunately, they had created a compelling product and saw promising retail and DTC results.

But now, with a need to optimize marketing and expand distribution,

It’s time to focus on understanding the customer.

We’ll be identifying their loyal customers using customer transaction data,

Conducting in-depth customer interviews,

And surveying customers to gain clarity around:

✅ Challenges and pain points

✅ Wants, needs, and desired outcomes

✅ Beliefs and values

✅ Motivations and buying triggers

✅ Purchase behaviors

✅ Demographics and psychographics

✅ Media usage and preferences

And more.

It’s never too late to understand your customers deeply.


When you're ready to use customer insights to improve and grow your business - reach out, we can help.


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