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What Differentiates YOU From Your Competition?

Last week I met with a senior management team.

I asked them: Why do your customers choose YOU over your competitors?

The question initially had them stumped.

After some debate, they settled on:

✅ "We listen to our clients and design custom solutions."

✅ "We put their interests before ours."

✅ "We're with them for the long haul."

I asked whether they thought their customers might see these reasons as basic expectations rather than differentiating factors.

They agreed that their rivals say and do these things too.

They were at a loss for what truly differentiates them from their competitors.

After another round of debate (personal touch, history, track record, etc.),

They concluded that rather than continuing to guess,

It was time to talk to their customers. 🎯


Could a lack of customer understanding be holding you back? Let's chat about ways for you to gain customer clarity.


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