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What Happens After A Customer's 1st Purchase? (HOPEFULLY NOT THIS)

When you make a sale to a new customer,

What happens next?

Hopefully not this: 👇

❌ Immediately post-purchase, you (or your MarTech platform) send a survey asking them to rate the product and if they would recommend the company/product to a friend.

As a new customer, how could they possibly answer these questions?

And even if they did answer, would the feedback be worth anything?

Context is everything.

They haven’t even had a chance to experience your product.

Or any issues that might emerge along the way.

Or the service and support that comes with it.

And they certainly haven’t had a chance to decide if your product delivers on its promises.

A better approach is to focus on EARNING the customer FIRST.

Thank them, be there to support them, and show you care about them.

Then, after an appropriate amount of time, ask the rate/recommend questions.

At that point, their answers will mean something. 🎯


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