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What's The ONE Thing That Would Change Everything?

What’s the ONE thing about your customers

That if you knew the answer,

Would lead to breakout growth?

I like to ask this question,

Because it gets the gears turning.

You quickly realize that there’s NOT just one thing,

But many things you need to know about your customers.

All of which would increase your team’s effectiveness in key customer-related actions.

✅ Finding

✅ Attracting

✅ Communicating

✅ Connecting

✅ Serving

✅ Retaining

✅ Improving

✅ Innovating

And by getting better in each of these areas,

You set yourself up for long-term sustainability and success.


Begin to develop a better understanding of your customers.

Talk to them, listen to them, and learn from them.

Observe their actions - and recognize patterns.

A good place to start is by working to answer these questions:

▶️ What are your customer’s biggest challenges and frustrations?

▶️ What’s the desired outcome your customer is seeking?

▶️ What motivates or triggers your customers to purchase?

▶️ Why do your customers choose YOU over other options?

▶️ What do your customers think and feel about your brand?

▶️ What do your customers wish you did better or differently?

▶️ What’s important to your customers (interests, beliefs, values)?

Keep in mind that without a deep understanding of your customers,

Growth (not to mention stability) will be a struggle.

Prioritize customer research to boost your company’s performance.

And not just in marketing - but in virtually every aspect of the business: sales, product development, customer service/success, operations, strategic planning, etc. 🎯


Is a lack of customer understanding holding your company back? If so, reach out, we can help.


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