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Why You MUST Analyze Your Customer Transaction Data

Analyze your customer transaction data.🔎

If you don’t, there are many things you won’t know.

And believe me, these are things you MUST know:

✅ Exactly who your most valuable customers are

✅ Who is buying what, when, how often, and for how much

✅ The value of a customer over time (LTV)

✅ Where your sales are coming from (new vs. existing customers)

✅ How many customers you are losing

✅ How your marketing and ad campaigns impact revenues

So, analyze your transaction data and apply what you learn to:

✔️ Target and retain your key customers

✔️ Allocate marketing efforts/budget for maximum results

✔️ Influence purchase behaviors to increase revenues

✔️ Reactivate lost customers

✔️ Design offers/messaging that produce results

Need help to start analyzing your customer transaction data? Reach out and I'll help get you moving in the right direction.


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