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YOU Are Not Your Customer. Are You Marketing As If You Are?

You are not your customer.

Are you marketing as if you are?

Here are a few red flags🚩:

-Focusing on features rather than benefits, solutions, and outcomes

-Overuse of technical terms that might confuse the customer

-Using YOUR language instead of the customers

-Lack of clear differentiation from your competitors

-Stressing how great you are rather than how you can help

If some of these issues show up in your marketing, it’s time to take action.

Begin by developing a better understanding of your ideal customers.

Talk to them, listen to them, and learn from them.

Start by answering these questions:

▶️ What problem is your customer seeking to solve?

▶️ What are their biggest challenges and frustrations?

▶️ What’s the desired outcome your customer is seeking?

▶️ What motivates or triggers your customer to take action?

▶️ Why do they choose YOU over other options?

▶️ What do your customers think and feel about your brand?

▶️ What’s important to them (interests, beliefs, values)?

Now, use what you've learned to better align your marketing with the customers you seek to attract and serve.🎯


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