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Your Customers Have The Answers. YOU Just Have To Ask The Questions

When you talk to your customers,

Do more of your sentences end with periods,

Or question marks❓

Your customers have the answers,

You just have to ask the questions.

Unfortunately, most companies and leaders aren’t asking their customers enough questions.

Why not?

The reasons typically fall into two categories:

Category 1️⃣

Overwhelmed, lack resources and attention

Know they should, but fail to prioritize

Not sure where to start

Reluctant due to previous experiences

Concerned about bothering customers

Category 2️⃣

Product-focused (vs. customer-focused)

Think they already know the answers

Lack interest in what the customer has to say

Don’t understand the value of customer insights

Overcoming Category One issues is achievable with the proper plan and support.

Category Two issues are challenging to overcome, requiring mindset, leadership, and organizational change.

Working with leaders and teams caught in Category One is fun and rewarding.

Talking to those from Category Two can be frustrating. 🤔


We help leaders and their teams achieve customer clarity for smarter marketing, decisions, and growth. Reach out to learn more.


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