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To empower our clients with comprehensive market intelligence for smarter decisions, reduced risk, and stronger returns

Hi, I'm Tom Herman.

From the outset of my career, I've been deeply engaged in the art and science of decision support and value creation, inspired by an early realization of the transformative power of market intelligence-driven strategic planning. 

Fresh out of grad school, I found myself in the market research department of a publicly traded company that was coming off a misstep that resulted in a significant number of store closures, lost capital, and job losses. Charged with creating a strategy to minimize the risk of future crises, we developed a robust approach that blended qualitative insights and quantitative analysis. Defending my analyses to senior leadership not only honed my analytical abilities but also fostered a meticulous attention to detail, which has become the cornerstone of my career.

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Tom Herman

Our team's efforts were impactful, contributing to the expansion that culminated in the company's acquisition by a Fortune 100 competitor.

Since those early years, I have:

  • Supported investment and strategic decisions totaling over $1 billion.

  • Engaged with a broad spectrum of national companies and investors.

  • Co-invested with prominent private equity firms in commercial real estate projects valued at over $100 million.

  • Founded and scaled several companies, including a service firm with over 100 employees and generating eight-figure revenues annually.

Veda Intell delivers the same comprehensive market intelligence and value creation support to which I’ve dedicated my career. It’s all about intelligent decisions, sound investments, capitalizing on opportunities, and accelerating growth. Please reach out to discuss how we can support your continued success.

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