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Win / Loss Analysis

Win More. Lose Less.

Drive revenues, retain more customers, and out-position your competitors.

Not knowing why you win customers or lose them, is costing you money.

You’re unsure what factors motivate your customers to choose you  - or what influences them to choose your competitor.

You don't know how your competitors are positioning, packaging, pricing, and pitching their solution against yours.

You're unaware of how customers perceive your product, marketing, buying experience, and overall brand.

You're uncertain how to adapt and improve your products and processes to capture and keep more customers.

Don't guess. Get answers.

Win / Loss Analysis Overview.

Knowing why you win or lose customers is essential for optimizing your marketing, sales, product development, and beyond. We conduct in-depth interviews with new customers, recently departed customers, and prospects who chose a competitor, to understand the factors that motivated their actions.


Leverage your strengths and correct your weaknesses - to capture and keep more business.

The Benefits.


and Sales

Gather insights to better position, package, and sell your solution.

Product Development

Identify unmet needs, preferences, and product or service issues.



Reveal competitor strengths and weaknesses to effectively compete. 



Support the planning process with real-time feedback and intelligence.

Ready to win more
and lose less?

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