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Any Customer Is A Good Customer (FALSE!)

Not all customers impact your business in the same way.

Therefore, the attitude that "any customer is a good customer" is misguided.

The better the customer "fit" on the way in,

The more likely they'll receive value and return.

Conversely, poor-fit customers:

❌ Don't return.

❌ Are not profitable.

❌ Provide no referrals.

❌ May leave poor reviews.

❌ Create stress.

So how do you attract more of your best-fit customers?

Start from a position of knowledge by defining your ideal customer profile.

✅ What are they trying to accomplish, solve, or overcome?

✅ What motivates them to purchase?

✅ What are their interests, beliefs, opinions?

✅ What media do they consume?

✅ What characteristics do they share?

Understanding your ideal customers allows you to attract them consistently.

Remember, not all customers are created equal.

Your ideal, best-fit customers are most likely to receive maximum value from your product or service and, in return, provide maximum value to your brand.

Reach out if you need help getting started. 🎯


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