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Fear Not - And Face Your Customer's Truth Head On

It was painful, but it finally came out.

The reason my client hadn’t been talking to their customers:


The fear of finding out what they believe,

Might not be what their customers believe.

And the risk that if they did find out,

They might have to change the way they have always done things.

That would involve an investment of time and resources, impacting the entire organization.

Scary stuff.

And that’s why, sometimes, we avoid the truth.

At all costs, even.

We fight to stay within the comfortable confines of our self-created narrative.

But a problem arises when our resistance to change collides with our desire for growth.

We can’t have it both ways.

Growth requires the courage to adapt and change.

So jump in.

Talk to your customers.

Listen to them - and learn from them.

Observe their actions and recognize patterns.

Face your customer’s truth head-on.

And use it to chart a course for continuous improvement and growth.


Could a lack of customer understanding be holding your company back? If so, reach out, we're happy to help.


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