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How Would Your Customers "Sell" Your Product/Service?

If you set a timer for 30 seconds,

And asked your best customers to “sell” your product or service to a friend, what would they say?

Not sure? Try this exercise:

1️⃣ Ask your team to create a list of the top reasons they believe your customers love and are loyal to your product.

2️⃣ Reach out to a group of your best customers and ask if they would get on a quick 5-minute call to help with a research question.

3️⃣ Record (with permission) the customer “sales pitches” and summarize them in a second list.

4️⃣ Compare your team’s list to the customer list, paying particular attention to customer reasons that didn’t appear on the team list.

This exercise results in a more accurate and complete list of WHY your best customers choose you over your competition.

Now, incorporate what you’ve learned from your existing customers to attract new customers. 🎯


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