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Is Your Business Customer Centric, or Just Customer-Friendly?

Many companies insist they are Customer-centric.

But it's often not true.

Customer-friendly might be more accurate. What's the difference❓

Customer-friendly companies treat all customers the same.

They put "the customer" (all of them) first and attempt to make everyone happy.

On its face, this sounds great. We should treat ALL of our customers well.

But what customer-friendly companies often miss is that not all customers are created equal.

A company's best customers are worth much more than their average customers.

These best customers should receive relatively more attention than customers that generate little (or no) impact.

Customer-centric companies recognize this distinction and act accordingly.

Customer-centric companies pursue a strategy that fundamentally aligns their products and services with the wants and needs of their most valuable customers.

And while ALL customers are treated well, the company's limited resources are primarily focused on where the return on investment is the greatest.

The goal of this strategy is simple: long-term profitability and sustainability.

How would you classify your company?


Ready to get closer to your ideal customers? Reach out, and I'll get you moving in the right direction.


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